Las Vegas Home Inspections

Shield Home Inspection Co. Inc, services the following Areas in Nevada (NV), – Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City.

Las Vegas home inspections are noninvasive visual inspections done by Andrew Costabile, a home inspector of Las Vegas, Nevada. Andrew’s inspections includes the roof, foundation, ac/heating, above ground plumbing, faucets, tubs, showers, toilets, water-heater, garbage disposal, dishwasher, interior / exterior walls, chimney / fireplace, sprinklers, attic / insulation, floor coverings, electrical panel / outlets, grading / drainage, smoke detectors, doors / windows, and more. We inspect resale single family homes, condos, town-homes, end of builder warranty, new investor purchased homes, pools & spas. Read more about our inspections.

When purchasing your dream home without having it inspected first leaves room for unexpected surprises. By obtaining a Shield Home Inspection you are taking the first step in protecting your residential real estate investment. The information that you will receive will give you the knowledge to make the best decision for you, and your family. It will arm you with a strategy that will let you know what needs attention now, if there are too many repairs for your budget, or none at all. You work hard for your money, let Andrew Costabile of Shield Las Vegas Home Inspections, help you make the right decision weather the property is worth purchasing or not. Don’t let infatuation cloud your judgement.

Purchasing your dream home should be a great experience. Having piece of mind knowing that you are purchasing a safe home for you or your family is what it is about. Don’t let your experience turn into a nightmare. Have your home inspected right and thoroughly by Andrew Costabile of Shield Las Vegas Home Inspections.

Las Vegas Home Inspections

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